Mindfulness meets data science.

OUR VISION: Regenerative Therapy

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Use your strengths, discover your roadblocks and master your lifestyle. Learn how to make a living toolkit for health (exercise, nutrition, sleep, productivity, creativity) customized to you. In Yoga, you call this auto-therapy: restoring health and boosting performance through self-care. We see wellness as the cornerstone that bridges physical health, relationships and an evolving way of life.

Strength is our top priority. We believe that strength helps you make smart decisions. Defined here, strength is "the ability to look after yourself"- and that includes knowing when to ask for help from others. By reaching out, we become a network capable of concentrating hundreds of times the energy into solving the problems that we share at the personal and the societal levels. This idea mirrors the "village" effect that ancient cultures relied on for survival, now extended to a global community. I am happy to experience life with you and I look forward to hearing from you!

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Peter Fettis
Co-Founder & Teacher


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